Medtainer Webinar 1
Introducing The Medtainer
In this 12 minute webinar MEDTAINER INC. ‘S patented container is introduced to the healthcare market to assist patients who have trouble swallowing medications.

First Webinar

Medtainer Webinar 2
Nursing Feeback and Utilization Discussion
In this 15 minute webinar we focus on the use of the Medtainer in the field and as an every-day solution to medicating patients being cared for at home.

Second Webinar

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Medtainer, Inc. is a global revolutionary bottle design, manufacturing, branding and sales company.
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Medtainer Inc. has discovered a significant void in providing a solution to breaking down various medications.
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Medtainer, Inc.  is a rapidly growing innovator of air and water-tight medical-grade containers with grinding capabilities.
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Welcome to Medtainer, Inc. investor relations, a growing, global business in the medical industry.
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