The MedTainerâ„¢ was originally developed for geriatric and pediatric patients who had difficulty swallowing pills or needed an effective alternative to costly name-brand medications. The MedTainerâ„¢ has been sold and is being successfully used throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America and Europe. Our association with the Medical Marijuana community was an unexpected windfall that has given Medtainer, Inc. the necessary funding to expand into the growing hospice and palliative care markets, and to help countless patients who are living at home or in small home-like settings and need help swallowing pills.

The addition of three important and influential members of the medical community, Dr. Vince Nguyen, Director of the Hoag Hospital CARES Program, Dr. Michael Demoratz, Administrator of 24/7 Supportive Care Network and Dr. Josh Luke, Director of the National Re-Admission Prevention Collaborative, has given Medtainer, Inc. a vital and growing presence and acceptance in the national medical care community.

We are seeking distributors throughout the world with a successful record of distributing products, financial stability and a sales staff with the size and capacity to create demand for our products.

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